Motoring in Bouillon, motorbike or car

Hotel Cosy the best place to start

The Semois River curls its way from one picturesque village to the other. 

Hotel Cosy is perfectly situated for hikers, bikers, motorcyclists and car enthusiasts that like to tour the region, for route information follow THIS LINK

In the evening one can savour the market fresh cuisine and relax


Hiking and biking routes in Bouillon

Walking in the heart of the Ardennes

Bouillon is in the first place a hiking station.

Amid the Ardennes forests several hiking and biking tracks start in or around Bouillon.

Follow THIS LINK for more information on hiking. At the hotel we have several detailed hiking routes.

Follow THIS LINK for more information on biking routes.

Attention; it is most likely and almost certain that in the Ardennes as in Hotel Cosy one will be faced with stairs. 

Please inform yourself beforehand.

Walking through Bouillon

Download the guided walk here

Agenda Tourisme Bouillon

Tourisme Bouillon’s agenda is crammed with exciting activities! There’s something for everyone!

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